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Sunny Wows In Pink


Sunny Leone walked into the India Today Mediaplex on Saturday afternoon to promote her new film Jackpot, looking every bit the glamour doll she looks on screen.

The Kaizad Gustad film is the former porn star’s second Bollywood release after her debut film Jism 2 failed to create much of an impact last year. Sunny is hoping the film lives up to its name and hits a jackpot at the box- office.

Clad in a sleeveless sequinned pink number that more than complemented her figure with its plunging neckline and low- cut back, Sunny eclipsed her co- star and director as she went about doling random sound bytes.

The curiosity factor about her seems to be eclipsing the film itself. 


Tall Sexy Lady Poses Hot

She may not be a successful star but she is a very successful seductress. She is Neha Dhupia and here is an example for that. Sporting tight shorts and lifting her Tee, Neha is giving a generous view of her luscious thighs and delicious curves. Lucky for men she didn’t push her hand further because this hot pose is enough to leak the juices…from mouth. Enjoy her folks!

Rise Up More Darling..!!

Charmee, the hot actress on Tollywood poses like this boldly 'rising up' her top to show off her flat and glossy tummy. She even 'rises' the bottom to sport her thunder thigh. As everyone knows, this 'rising act' is to rise the temperatures of the onlookers. We wish this 'rising' rises her career. Rise up more in your career darling..!!

Reveals Her Beautiful Bosom

After marrying Saif Ali Khan who comes from a royal family, Kareena Kapoor has become Begum Kareena Kapoor Khan. But that has not stopped this royal babe to be herself. Here she is, posing in an elegant outfit and lost in thoughts but ensuring that her beautiful cleavage is available for everyone’s visual delight. Enjoy the grace folks!


Adult Star In Black And Blue

Sunny Leone, the name itself is as hot as a Sunny day and her bewitching looks brings itch in every sense of men. Wearing a blue and black figure hugging top, she sizzles the bodies of on lookers. Well, it it were men those see her, temperatures rise and if it were women, it's obvious that envy inundates them.

Thigh Show Of Bong Baby

This is Madhurima, the Bong lady who is known for her many Telugu films. She poses this way to a still camera sporting her glossy thigh from white attire. Dedicate your eyes to look at the awesome beauty of this hot lady.

Hottest Lady Of The Season

Heroines might be seasonal but their sex appeal and the impact they create with their oomph factor is permanent. Currently one girl is busy stirring up the sensations. She is Pranitha. Here she is, draped in a designer outfit and revealing generously the curves and the deep drilled navel. While her eyes do the magic, her killing curves do the rest.

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Hansika's Sexoozing Pose!

She is oozing sex appeal in this pic. Indeed there is no second thought. Hence we say 'sexoozing'!! Hot lady Hansika who has been looting the hearts of Telugus and Tamilians with her beauty has now posed like this to a still camera. No more words. Just enjoy! 

Selena Gomez Is Looking All Grown Up!

Here’s Selena Gomez heading to something called the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards. I’m not sure what ones she was in the running for, but I’m guessing it’s probably the year’s Most Improved Hottie. Because ever since Selena turned 21 and started dressing her age, I’ve noticed some big changes. Sure, they’re mostly happening in my pants, but I bet the rest of Hollywood is feeling it too.

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