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Another Gay Movie

While theatrical prospects look iffy, the film should clean up on video, where it can be enjoyed sans embarrassment.

This is the sort of comedic effort whose idea of giving the audience what it wants is providing a gratuitous, full-frontal nude shot of ex-"Survivor" Richard Hatch. The tale of four high school friends desperate to lose their anal virginity before summer's end, it features cameo appearances by the likes of British talk show host Graham Norton as a randy foreign teacher, Lysinka as one of the teen's Joan Crawford-like moms and "Boy Meets Boy" reality star James Getzlaff, among others.

The ramshackle plot follows the four boys, all attending San Torum High School (these are the jokes, folks), as they embark on their quest, encouraged by their "bull-dyke" lesbian friend Muffler (Ashlie Atkinson). They include Andy (Michael Carbonaro), whose father (Scott Thompson) seems all too eager to help his son explore the world of butt plugs; the buff Jarod (Jonathan Chase); the nerdy Griff (Mitch Morris); and the outrageous, pierced Nico (Jonah Blechman).

The gags come fast and furious during the course of the proceedings, and anyone with an aversion to humor involving gerbils, bondage, NAMBLA, diarrhea, and similar topics would do well to steer clear. More of the jokes fall flat than not, but the film is so relentlessly and cheerfully vulgar that it almost doesn't matter. From its cartoonish visual style to its use of the iconic Nancy Sinatra to sing its theme song "Another Gay Sunshine Day," the film revels in its silliness in such an unabashed fashion that it is ultimately hard to resist.
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