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It's easy to see why Julia (Cyndi Williams) would want to escape her existence. Struggling to make ends meet with various humdrum jobs, including working at a seedy bingo parlor, she must also cope with a surly husband and troublesome kids. The background soundtrack of her life consists of news broadcasts describing endless world crises and natural disasters.

She also is plagued by a recurring series of blackouts, headaches and nightmares, the latter marked by visions of a strange empty space. One day, she impulsively decides to rob her employer, and proceeds to board a plane (at George Bush International Airport, no less) and travel to New York in search of its inspiration.

Director-screenwriter Henry expertly uses his chilly visuals and ominous soundtrack to suggest Julia's unsettled emotional state. Adding greatly to the film's power is Williams' intense performance. Never succumbing to histrionics, the actress compellingly conveys her character's despair with a minimum of flourishes but with absolute conviction, even while the meanings and symbolisms of the film surrounding her remain somewhat murky.

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