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Cast: Yuvaraj, Rishi Girish, Kamana Jetmalani, Rajiv Kanakala, Rambabu, Abhinaya Krishna, Phani, Manu, Ahuti Prasad, Lakshmipati, Kallu Chidambaram, Sai Suresh, TP Gopal, Viswanath Reddy, Suribabu, Sudhakar, Rajyalakshmi, Suma, Sana, Sheela Singh & Abhinaya Sri


Chandu (Yuvaraj) and Vennela (Kamna Jetmalani) fall in love. But parents reject their love. With no other option left, they attempt suicide by jumping from the top floor of a building. Luckily, they were saved as they fall in sand. But, they suffer memory loss. The doctors term this disorder as 'retrograde amnesia' (brain injury in which the individual loses memories for the time period just prior to the injury (depends on few minutes to several years)). The rest of the story is all about how they get united again though technically they do not know each other.

Artists Performance

Debutant heroine Kamna Jetmalani appears promising. Hero Yuvaraj is average. Another hero Rishi Girish is not up to the mark. Abhinaya Sri sizzled in an item song. Sana is adequate as the stringent mother. Ahuti Prasad is good as hero's father. Among the friends, Rambabu evoked some humor. The comedy track of Brahmanandam is partly good.

Screenplay - direction: When one takes such a delicate storyline, it is extremely important to have competent screenplay and sensible direction. The screenplay of the film falls short. Narration of the film is pretty slow. Director Jaya who made a promising debut with Chantigadu could not handle this subject well. There is one shot where heroine warning hero is compared to that of teacher warning student, which is good.

Other departments: Music by Sajan Madhav is adequate. Amani Koyila and Nuvvuchoope choopu oka varam are good on the screen. Cinematography by Vijaya Sri is good. There are few shots with sunset background which are shot well. Editing needs lot of improvement. Dialogues are mediocre ("manishiko mata. kukkako BATA" is good). Production values of the film are adequate.

Analysis: First half of the film is little boring. Second half is slightly better. The plus points of the film are novel story line and heroine. The negative points are lack of establishment of feel and inadequate screenplay. On a whole, Premikulu - made with a novel point - does not live it up.


Cast: Mahesh Babu, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Dharmavarapu, Giri Babu, Nassar, Brahmanandam, Sunil, Rallapally, Tanikella Bharani, Sayaji Shinde, Charan Raj, Rahul Dev, Anant, Brahmaji, Giridhar, Sudha, Hema, Sruthi, Harika, Sana, Jayaprakash Reddy & Gundu Hanmantha Rao


Nandu (Mahesh Babu), an orphan, is a top-notch professional killer in town. He maneuvers his operations with the help of his buddy (Sonu Sood). In one such operation, he falls into the eyes of the cops. While fleeing from the crime scene, he unintentionally becomes the cause for the death of a stranger called Pardhoo (Rajiv Kanakala), a run-away youngster who wants to return home after 12 years. Nandu assumes the identity of Pardhoo and enters his household in a remote village to escape from the cops. The rest of the story is all about how Nandu solves all the problems.

Artists Performance

Mahesh Babu: Mahesh Babu is stylish and brilliant as professional killer. He suited the profile of Nandu to the tee. He lives up to his image of Prince Charming with his mesmerizing looks. He transformed smoothly from the character of Nandu to Pardhoo, yet shown the variation in histrionics that come out due to Nandu's guiltiness to impersonate Pardhoo.

Trisha: Trisha is in her elements in this film with traditional attire and cute mannerisms. The only difference between her characters in Varsham & NVNV and this film is that the voice dubbed by Savitha Reddy is mellowed down a bit, which is good. However, her role in this film is less compared to her past films.

Others: Sonu Sood is perfect. Prakash Raj is adequate as the investigating officer. Tanikella Bharani's get-up and dialogue delivery is different when compared to the roles he is offered these days. Brahmaji is effectively used for a comedy fight in this film. Nassar donned the role of an old man. Frail voice dubbing by SP Balu suited him. Brahmanandam and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam succeeded in creating good humor. Sunil is good as loyal friend. Kota and Sayaji Shinde are adequate. K Viswanath did guest appearance as CBI's local chief.

Screenplay - direction: Trivikram is known for his class entertainers that are loaded with sensible humor and nice emotional quotient. He tried something different for this film. The way he opened the film with a tree shot is terrific. You feel like you are watching Ram Gopal Varma's film in the first half an hour. His taking is trendy and stylish. When the scene shifts to village, Trivikram tries to lace in his typical humor. The screenplay of the film is not binding enough to blend these two stories (contract killer story and masquerader story). Nevertheless, he could not hold the similar tempo in the second half. The continuity and logic behind certain scenes is missing.

Nuvvante Nakistam

Cast: Aryan Rajesh, Naresh, Anu Mehta, Suman, Chandra Mohan, Chalapati Rao, Ali, Mallikharjuna Rao, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, AVS, Lakshmipati, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Satyam Rajesh, kallu Krishna Rao, Ramaprabha, Sangeeta, Tulasi, Hema & Bhuvaneswari

Yuvaraj (Aryan Rajesh) is an NRI millionaire who descends on to Korumamidi in search of a suitable girl to marry. He finds Radha (Anu Mehta) to be the right girl. But he comes to know that she is in love with another guy called Devudu (Allari Naresh). Later on it is revealed that Devudu is dead. The rest of the story is all about what happens when Devudu comes back alive!

Artists Performance

Aryan Rajesh is adequate. But his mannerisms and dialogue delivery does not sound like that of an NRI kid who is born and brought up in USA. He would be speaking pure Telugu with native accent. Allari Naresh steals the show by enacting the sympathetic role with ease. He suited the role very well. Heroine Anu Mehta improved a bit compared to Arya. But still she is not good enough. Among the comedians, LB Sriram is good as Bindela Babu Rao. Krishna Bhagawan's comedy is also well received. Suman and Chandra Mohan are adequate.

Analysis: First half of the film is little boring. Second half is better. Flashback episode that depicts love between Anu Mehta and Allari Naresh is good. The comedy in second half is entertaining. This film is better than the recent releases of EVV. On a whole, it makes an average flick.


Cast: Gopichand, Gowri Pandit, Vinaya Prasad, Sayaji Shinde, Pavan Malhotra, Salim, Sunil, Lakshmipati, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ravi Babu, Master Deepak Saroj, Prudhvi Raj, Chitti, Girish, Venkat

Surendra (T Gopichand) is an honest and hot-blooded cop. Archana (Gowri Pandit) is the daughter of police commissioner. They meet accidentally and their relationship blossoms into love. Archana's father is of Bihar origin. Parents settle the match of Surendra and Archana. When they are about to get engaged, Surendra expresses his reservations. Archana goes back to Bihar to wed her brother-in-law Sinha (Salim Baig). The rest of the story is all about how Surendra goes to Bihar and wins Archana back.

Artists Performance

 T Gopichand is good in the title role. He underplayed the character and gave subtle expressions in this film. Heroine Gowri Pandit is adequate. The comedy track with Sunil and Lakshmipati is very good. Sayaji Shinde excelled in the role of Bihari MP. He suited the role more so because he had to utter dialogues in Hindi. Pavan Malhotra gave another controlled performance. K Viswanath and Salim Baig are appropriate. Ravi Babu is good as the thief who twists the story of the film

Music by Kalyani Malik is adequate. A couple of songs are pretty melodious. All songs in this film are situational. Dialogues in this film are adequate. Photography by Vijay C Kumar is good. They should have avoided using tint to the film. Graphics work is pretty natural. Fights by Ram Lakshman are OK. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is ample. Production values by Keerthi Creations banner are good.

Analysis: First half of the film is pretty slow. Second half has Bihar backdrop. The narration of the film is pretty slow. Plus points are Gopichand's histrionics, photography and comedy episodes by Sunil-Lakshmipati duo. The negative aspects are not being able to establish the emotional scenes in way they make audiences feel for the characters. The title of the film 'Andhrudu' is so powerful that the character of hero should have mass heroism to do justice to the title. But the director made the characterization of hero a soft one. On a whole, Andhrudu makes an average flick.

Please Naaku Pellaindi

Cast: Raghu, Rajiv Kanakala, Sruthi Malhotra, Soni Charishma, Venu Madhav, Kondavalasa, Suman Setty, Raghu Babu, Apoorva

Raghu is adequate as good-hearted husband. Rajiv Kanakala is good as the ill-minded womanizer. Sruthi Mehrotra is not up to the mark. Soni Charishma is good as the prey to Rajiv. The comedy episodes involving Venu Madhav and Suman Setty are indecent. Kondavalasa's cell phone comedy is good.

Screenplay of the film is bad. Direction leaves a lot to be desired. The director copied the narration style of German masterpiece 'Run Lola Run', which narrates how fate can be changed if events occur with a change of few seconds. The climax of this film too was shown in three versions, but in vain. Works of other technical departments like dialogues, music, photography etc are mediocre at the best.

Analysis: 'Please Naku Pellaindi' is an attempt to cash in the weakness of men who get tempted to watch sleazy flicks because of heroine's skin show and double entendres. This film falls flat on story front and narration aspect. On a whole, Please Naaku Pellaindi is an avoidable fare.

Adirindayya Chandram

Cast: Sivaji, Laya, Sangeeta, Madhu Sharma, Brahmananda, Ali, Mallikharjuna Rao, Venu Madhav, AVS, MS Narayana, Narra, Krishna Bhagawan, Raghubabu, Lakshmipati, Kadambari Kiran, Ashok Kumar, Soma Vijaya Prakash, Gemini Chandu, Kallu Chidambaram, Gowtam Raju, Ganesh, Kamal, Sarika Ramachandra Rao, Duvvasi Mohan, Srinivas Reddy, Gopal, Viswanath Reddy, Kavitha, Rajitha, Apoorva, Padma Reddy, Jayavani, Baby Harshita, Karate Kalyani & Latha

Chandram (Sivaji) and Rajyam (Laya) are happily married couple for seven years with a child. When Rajyam is away, Chandram is struck with a model (Sangeeta) who joins in the flat next door. Chandram gets infatuated with her. The rest of the story is all about if Chandram sticks to his marriage vows or give them up for the sake of another woman.

Artists Performance

 Sivaji is fabulous in this film and proves himself as an alternative to Rajendra Prasad in comedy timing. Laya's character in this film is an extension of her housewife's role in Missamma. Sangeeta is adequate, but her character in not etched properly by the director. MS Narayana and Brahmanandam are passable.

Screenplay of the film is adequate in the first half and goes haywire in the second half. Direction is mediocre. A couple of tunes scored by MM Srilekha are good through you get a feeling like heard-them-before. The background music used for Adirindayya Chandram punch is inspired from the Bee-gee's Staying Alive. Dialogues by Nandyala Ravi are witty. Cinematography by Adusumally Vijay Kumar is average.

First half of the film is decent with ample comedy. The second half goes into boring mode. The vital episode of Sivaji getting infatuated with Sangeeta was not shot in a proper way. Plus points of the film are Sivaji's fabulous comedy timing and the first half of the film. The major setback of the film is immature handling of second half. On a while Adirindayya Chandram makes a below-average flick.

123 from Amalapuram

Cast : Ravi Prakash, Raja Sridhar, Anil, Nitya Das, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Krishna Bhagawan, Konavalasa, Malladi Raghava, MVS Haranatha Rao, Narasimha Raju, Jogi Naidu, Rajababu, Annapurna, Hema

Paramdham (Ravi Prakash), Pedda (Raja Sridhar) & Chinna (Anil) are three spoilt youngsters in Amalapuram. They get infatuated by a girl (Nitya Das) who comes from Vizag for a visit. When she is developing a strong bond of friendship, one of these buddies misbehaves with her. Upset by the bad reputation they got in Amalapuram, these youngsters shift their base to Vizag. There they realize that the girl they met in village is in serious depression because of the sexual harassment by her coach and the mental harassment by her brother-in-law. She wants to become a tennis champ. The rest of the film is all about how these guys help her to achieve her dream.

Artists Performance

 Ravi Prakash, Raja Sridhar and Anil did well. They possess good dialogue delivery too. Heroine Nitya Das is unimpressive. Among the comedians, Krishna Bhagawan and Hema impress. Kondavalasa and Dharmavarapu fail to evoke humor. Malladi Raghava, Jogi Naidu, Annapurna and Narsimha Raju are adequate.

First half of the film is boring as it has single thread throughout. Second half is slightly better. The only plus point of the film is comedy by Krishna Bhagawan. This film suffers from bad direction. There are some cheap jokes on temple priests. There is vulgarity in comedy episodes involving Kondavalasa and Dharmavarapu. On a whole, 123 from Amalapuram is an avoidable fare.

Muddula Koduku

Cast: Ravikrishna, Gopika, Revathy, Prakashraj, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sanjita, Jagan, Bala, Kumaravelu, Devadarshini, Uttej & Venu Madhav

Venu (Ravi Krishna) hails from a lower middle class family, raised by his lone mother and he supports his family going to work at a tender age. A good hearted guy, Venu has only one severe problem - a disfigurement on his face. A side of his face gets burned when he was a kid. People get scared by looking at him and certain people make fun of him. Due to this, Venu develops severe inferiority complex. He consults a surgeon and inquires about how much it would cost for a plastic surgery. He starts saving money. In that process, he becomes short-tempered and loses his cool character. The rest of the film is all about how he realizes that it's the inner beauty that matters, but not the looks.

Artists Performance

 Ravi Krishna: Ravi Krishna suited the character very well. His dialogue delivery improved a lot compared to his debut film 7GBC. However the disfigurement on his face does not appear as ugly/frightening as the characters in the film believe it to be. There is lots of maturity in his performance towards the climax of the film. Ravi Krishna seems to be sticking to sympathy-driven characters.

Others: Revathy is pretty natural in the role of mother. Gopika is lovely as the unassuming girl-next-door showering mute love on Ravi Krishna. Sanjitha is adequate in the small yet vital role. Prakash Raj is good as the mentor. The comedy by Venu Madhav is ineffective. Uttej did a meaningful role. Thalaivasal Vijay appears in a guest role as the painter.

screen as duets. Vennele Kurisenule is pretty melodious and wins your hearts. 'Chirugali' song is good and it appears as back background music for vital situation.

Dialogues: Dialogues are plus points in this film. Most of the dialogues are pretty natural and logical. They appear like they are derived from the day-to-day life experiences of emotional struggle. Here are a couple of dialogues that are appropriately used -

1. Addam okkasare pagulutundi. Naa manasu prati roju pagulutundi. (interval dialogue)
2. Pakkana vunnantha sepu valla viluva manaki teleedu. (climax dialogue).

First half of the film is OK. The climax of the film is heart touching. Plus points of the film are good storyline and dialogues. The negative points of the film are slow narration and lack of all-round approach in screenplay. From a critic's point of view, Muddula Koduku makes an average flick. The commercial success of the film would depend on how ladies embrace it.


Cast: Srihari, Santoshi, Mukesh Rushi, Nagababu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Sivaji Raja, Bharat, LB Sriram, Jeeva, Surekha Vani, Rajitha, Sridharanna, Sarika Ramachandra Rao & Telangana Sakuntala

SP Yugandhar (Srihari) is an encounter special who gets transferred very frequently due to his honest attempts to curb the crime. Home Minister appointed SP Yugandhar to Seema region to tackle Subbarayudu (Mukesh Rushi) and his son Chinnappa (Bharat) who have been running a parallel government. The rest of the story is all about how sets everything right.

Artists Performance

 Srihari: Srihari is terrific and dominated the role of SP Yugandhar in his own indomitable style. His characterization is the most stylish among the films in which Srihari acted as solo hero. He underplayed his character at times and never went over-board. He wore casual wear most of the times than cop's uniform.

Others: Santoshini is adequate as the supporting wife. Mukesh Rukhi enacted the routine role of Seema's bad guy which he has been doing over half a decade. Bharat (younger brother of Ravi Teja) donned the role of a maverick guy. Though appears different, he went overboard most of the times. LB Sriram has got a very important character in this film for which he has done justice. The 'Abbe' mannerism by Dharmavarapu Subramanyam hit well with the masses. Sivaji Raja is competent. Naga Babu and Jaya Prakash Reddy are appropriate. Abhinayasri performed for the only song in this film.

First half of the film is engaging enough. Second half's tempo goes down a bit. The climax should have been better. The plus points of the film are Srihari's performance, dialogues and mass elements. The negative aspects are routine storyline and unimpressive climax. On a whole, Okkade makes an average flick for a normal movie lover and a satisfactory one for the masses who enjoy Srihari's action flicks.

Mogudu Pellam O Dongodu

Cast: Raja, Shriya & Brahmanandam

Murthy (Raja) weds Satyabhama (Shriya) after falling in love. Murthy is an NRI and Satyabhama is a village belle. During their first night, Satyabhama enters the room at 10 pm and tells him that muhurat is at 12 midnight. A first-time thief (Brahmanandam) enters the room without the knowledge of the couple. The story of the film is about how they spend those two hours.

Artists Performance

 Raja is terrific. He has shown wide array of expressions. Shriya is gorgeous in first night attire. Brahmanandam's comedy is a big relief in this monotonous film. Though there are only three characters, you can hear the voice of Ramaprabha a couple times in the background.

Photography of the film is good. Music scored by Kabuli, who worked as a keyboard player with AR Rehman in the past - is neat. Most of the background music appears to be inspired by popular tunes in various languages. The songs placement in second half is not good. Artwork is adequate. Dialogues are OK.

Analysis: If we look back at the film and try to understand what director wants to convey through this 3-character film, we realize the objective to be heroine making hero realize that first night is not about sex but about understanding each other. That very basic point was not effective conveyed through the film. You also find clueless about the intention behind creating the character of thief, except for telling the couple that each one of them are good in their own way. When one attempts a different film with novel theme, one need to be very good at fundamentals and should weave impeccable screenplay to make the viewers glued to screen. This film also makes you feel bored at times, because there is only one thread in the narrative. The plus points of the film are cast and music. The negative point is uninteresting screenplay. Duration of the film is 1:45 hrs. On a whole, Mogudu Pellam O Dongodu slightly disappoints.

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