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Allari Bullodu

Cast: Nitin, Trisha, Rathi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Saurabh Shukla, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Tanikella Bharani, MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagawan, Venu Madhav, Chitram Seenu, Sudha, Telangana Sakuntala, Jayalalitha

Madhava Rao (Vizag Prasad) is a big businessman and his competitor Saxena (Satya Prakash) is a crook. When Madhav Rao meets with an accident, his daughter Trisha (Trisha) takes over the company. Raju (Nitin) comes from nowhere to help Trisha. Trisha appoints Raju as general manager. Trisha has an inseparable younger sister called Usha (Rathi). Due to certain circumstances, Raju forces himself to disguise as Balu and Usha falls in love with Balu. As the confusion about mixed identities continue, Munna - another look alike of Raju - comes from Mumbai. Munna is a right hand of Karim Lala (Saurabh Shukla) - a Mumbai underworld don. The rest of the story is all about what happens when Munna try to destroy the family which Raju intend to save!

Artists Performance

Nitin performed well in both roles by showing variation in appearance, histrionics and dialogue delivery. His dialogue delivery improved a lot compared to his earlier films. His dances in this film are pretty rhythmic and natural. Trisha is cute and she is presented in modern attire. Rathi is passable. Sunil is impressive with his comedy towards the interval episode. Saurabh Shukla is comical as the villain. Kota Srinivasa Rao and Krishna Bhagawan are routine.

Keeravani reworked on his old tunes to score music for this film. Songs appear better on screen than when you listen on tape. On picturization front, Trisha and Ataka songs are really good. Photography by Bhupati is good. Dialogues are average. Artwork by Ashok is pretty vibrant. Production values by Sri Creations are good.

Analysis: First half of the film is OK with ample comedy created by the confusion. The second half goes haywire with confusion in the storyline and inept handling. The plus points of the film are Nitin, Trisha and a couple of songs. The negative points are screenplay and old-fashioned direction. On a whole, K Raghavendra Rao's 102nd film Allari Bullodu does not live it up.


Raja Sekhar, Namita, Nazar, Riaz Khan, Ramireddy, Raghubabu, Giribabu, GV Sudhakar, Benerjee, KR Vijaya, Jeeva, O Kalyan, Ramesh, Pruthvi, Ahuti Prasad, Harsha, Varsha and others

Raju (Raja Sekhar) dons the duty of salvaging his debt-ridden family of widowed mom, brother and sister. He leaves the house to earn money, saying that he would be leaving to Dubai , from where he would send them money. But Raju does not go to Dubai , but settles in an illicit liquor business in the adjoining village. From Raju, he becomes Sambha Siva, with tag affixed “Spirit”. In the meantime, he becomes a notorious smuggler. Raju's brother (Riyaz Khan), who becomes a police officer, is set to investigate the case against Sambha Siva. The cop is puzzled to know that his target is his own brother. The remaining stuff is how Raju comes out unscathed and proves his integrity.

Raja Sekhar performed neatly. However, his role comes as a routine one-man-domination theory on the screen, that making the character less impressive.

Namitha, coming in her second innings in Tollywood, is glamorous and strikes back with impressive performance. Of course, going by the storyline, she holds not much importance. Due to the prolonged shoot of the movie, a considerable amount of flesh can be seen on her in some sequences, thus juxtaposing her cast in the running screen time.

Riaz got a good role and his histrionics found ample scope in the movie.
Rami Reddy once again strikes as a fullfledged villain, after a long gap. The disadvantage is you don't have his original voice, but the dubbed one.
Raghubabu did nice comedy, but it's not sufficient.
All other characters performed well in their limits.

Technical Details
The story is regular and weak, coupled with clumsy screenplay and direction by Kodi Ramakrishna. The screenplay from start to finish is a thorough fare of monotony. A remake of Malayalam movie “Runway”, the flick failed to evoke any response in the theatre.

Music by Koti is average and the songs are not impressive, despite having good locales.

Political Rowdy

Banner: Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures

Cast: Mohan Babu, Prakash Raj, Charmme, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Abbas, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vizag Prasad, Sunil, Venu Madhav, Ali, Raghu Babu, O Kalyan and others

Cinematography  Mohan - Amar

Editing: Gowtam Raju
Music: Sandeep Chowtha
Stunts: Stun Siva
Art: B Venkateswara Rao
Choreography: Ashok & Raja Sekhar
Screenplay and Direction  : Adi

Pandu, though a rowdy, has absolute ethics when it comes to politics. He avoids the fall of the state government by successfully thwarting the vile designs of a cunning politician Devraj (Kota Srinivasa Rao), and becomes closer to the Chief Minister (Vizag Prasad).

One day, Pandu is invited for a ladies' fashion contest by the organizers as his presence would prevent Devraj from doing any mischief. At this contest, he is so much impressed by Kaveri (Charmme), the winner Miss Tanya 2005, not only for her charm, but her notion about marriage. She declares that a bachelor is like a handicapped person. At this point, Pandu begins to love her desperately. Now realizing the power of love, Pandu tenders apology to his brother and both are united.

Now, Pandu makes rapid advances to marry her, whose family is all intimidated by his henchmen. But, Kaveri is in love with other guy (Abbas). At one juncture, Pandu warns Kaveri, “If you don't love me, I will die after killing you.” Running parallel to his love game, his opponent Devraj gets ready to play foul with intention to kill the rowdy-brothers. How he foils the political conspiracy against him; and whether he marries the girl of his heart or not – forms the climax.

Mohan Babu, the versatile actor who rocked Tollywood with his rare breed of dialogues and inimitable mannerisms well over three decades, has made a vengeful comeback in an out and out mass role. The dialogues laced with political satires come alive on the screen after a gap of nearly 15 years. He displayed all agility in the stunts sequences. In short, he enlivened the expectations of his fans and audiences much more than what he did with his 90s blockbuster Assembly Rowdy. In the song sequence, the ease he displayed is extraordinary.

Charmme has done excellent job, the role which lures a middle-aged political rowdy. Though she comes with ample expose in a couple of song sequences, her characterization as a whole (as a girl caught in the intimidating love of a rowdy) is amazing. The second prominent lady character is Aishwarya, who played wife to Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj appears as the brother of the lead hero. Compared to the regular flicks, his characterization in this movie, for the first time costarring with Mohan Babu, has some specialty.

Kota Srinivasa Rao played the villain, while Vizag Prasad did the CM's role.

Tannikella Bharani played the uncle (mama) to Mohan Babu.

Abbas played a short role in a couple of bits as lover to Charmme.

Heroes Vishnu and Manoj appear in the rap song, which elevates the mass angle.

Brahmanandam's comedy is highlight, amply assisted by his junior colleagues – Venu Madhav, Ali. The mannerism of

Raghu Babu – Abba Abba Abbabba – is a good streak with variety comical touch.

All other characters performed neatly in their limitations.

Technical Details

The film is remake of Tamil hit movie “Adi Dhadi”. For Telugu audience, the story provides fresh subject. The major plus point is that it is not a regular love story, but certainly something different, really different.

Direction by Adi is commendable as he could well perform the job for an all-rounder like Mohan Babu. The screenplay has punch. Though, he dragged it in the first half, the same is recharged in the second half much to build up tension. At the same time, the climax is action-packed and gripping.

The songs are excellent. Mixed with magic of Sandeep Chowta's music, the second song provides romantic relief, while the last song happens to be the highlight – presenting Mohan Babu in unique style - MTV-way.

Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are full with political masala. However, they hold entertainment value more than launching any attack.

Stunts by Stun Siva are splendid.

Comedy department is distributed with care.

Photography is good. The beach locations at Vizag and Mauritius are excellent.


Banner : Sri Venkateshwara Cine Chitra
Cast : Prabhas, Shriya, Pradeep Rawat, Bhanu Priya, Shafi, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Narendra Jha, Ajay, Jeeva, Shekar Venu Madhav and others
Story : Vijayendra Prasad
Dialogues : M Rathnam
Lyrics :Veturi, Chandra Bose, Shivashakti Dutta
Cinematography: K K Senthil Kumar
Stunts : Peter Haynes
Music: MM Keeravani
Screenplay and Direction: S S Rajamouli

Sivaji always broods over reunion with his mom and brother. In such a situation, his brother Ashok happens to encounter Sivaji and at the same time recognizes him. But the jealous brother does not want Sivaji united with mom (They are not own brothers and none is bothered about their flashback). Giving a twist, Baji Rao's brother and main villain Bihari (Pradeep Rawat) arrives in Vizag from the dreaded land of Bihar – to kill the murderer of his brother. What is the reaction of the hero? Whether he meets his mom? & how he deals with his jealous brother? – These form the climax.

Prabhas is terrific in looks, impressive in dance sequences and simply superb in action scenes. He shoulders the entire responsibility of the movie. Now, the reader can imagine the sway of the hero.

Heroine Shriya played the role of a clerk in Vizag Collectorate. She helps the hero to trace out the whereabouts of his mom. However, she gets regular footage akin to a Telugu screen heroine, and nothing special in her role. She is nice in dances, naturally.

Bhanupriya played mother to Prabhas and Shafi. But for evoking mother sentiment, her characterization has nothing to do with first half.

Shafi as half-brother to Prabhas is nice, but his characterization unleashes a big boredom in the second half.

Pradeep Rawat, the favorite villain of SS Rajamouli did fine job as a Bihari villain, and the secondary villain Baji Rao, played by a new face, is adequate.

Venu Madhav's role is hilarious. His action is a parody to “Aparichitudu” – as “Aprathishtudu”. He is Sumo, a parody of Remo.

All other characters did perform well in their limits.

Technical Details

Story by Vijayendra Varma is farfetched and defies the logic of Telugu audience. You would definitely raise a question. What business has Telugu community there in Sri Lanka as refugees? Is there any refugee camp at Vizag for Telugus from Sri Lanka ?

Coming to Screenplay, SS Rajamouli took much care in the first half, but ruined the interest and logic in the second half. The title role Chatrapati is completely finished in the first half. The second half is entirely devoted to mother sentiment. This streak comes as an absurd entertainment sometimes.

Direction is superb. Certain takings really come out well and commands appreciation from all.

Songs and Music departments have good punch. MM Keeravani did fine job.

Dialogue department is average.

Cinematography is good. Visuals and graphics are good.

Stunts by Peter Haynes is impressive in parts, while looks artificial in some sequences.

Comedy is good, but not sufficient going by the dragged fair in the second half.

Production values are nice.

Plus Points:
The performance of Prabhas and taking of SS Rajamouli, Song sequences.

Minus Points:
Artificial storyline, Unbearable dose of mother sentiment and careless handling of the second half.

Allari Pidugu

Banner : PB Arts
Cast : Nandamuri Balakrishna, Katrina Kaif, Charmme, Mukesh Rishi, Punith Issar, Rahul Dev, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Benerjee, Tannikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Kavitha, Raghubabu, Sunitha and others
Dialogues : Paruchuri Brothers
Cinematography : Ajay Vincent
Stunts : Vikram Dharma
Story : Yalamanchali Sridhar
Screenplay and Direction : Jayant C Paranji

A political leader (Mukesh Rishi) is involved in the illegal manufacturing of arms and ammunition to be supplied to terrorists. He is responsible for the wrong conviction of Chakravarthy. Now, ACP Ranjith, who claims himself as Encounter Ranjith, is hell bent upon busting the illegal arms racket. In an attack, Ranjith is badly wounded and gets hospitalized. Giri (carbon copy of his brother) takes on the uniform of Ranjith and intensifies raids against the politician and his party. How, Giri proves the patriotism and loyalty of his dad in the end, and how he roots out the politician's den forms the climax.

Balakrishna's dual role as Giri and Ranjith is nice. He managed the emotions very well. It is interesting to see NBK dance with agility, fight with punch and utter dialogues with force.

Katrina Kaif, after her sizzling performance in and as Malleeswari, makes an impressive comeback. It is not an exaggeration to say that she dominates the screen wherever she appears. Looking tall and glamorous with her perfect and statue-cut physic, she danced with ease, though disappoints when it comes to lisping.

Charmme fades into a corner thanks to the dominance of Katrina Kaif. The audience would sure relish dance numbers of NBK with Katrina Kaif and not with that of Charmme, in spite of her expose. Moreover, she appears with cylindrical waistline due to gathering fat.

Mukesh Rishi as usual looks adequate as villain, well supported by Rahul Dev (as his son).

Puneeth Issar looks nice in a father's role. However, the general feel that he would better be a villain or supporting actor rather than do parent roles to Telugu heroes (as it robs of nativity factor).

Tannikella Bharani well performed the role of a corrupt cop. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao played the role of a honest cop, who sympathizes with military officer (played by Punith Issar). Kota appears in an insignificant role as father to Charmme.

Raghu Babu did the lone comedian role, with little or no impact. A single episode intended to create laughter with him did not work out.

Kavitha played mother to Katrina Kaif.

All other characters executed their job well in their limits.

Technical Details

The story is conceived in a reckless way, that too coming in the old style, often defying logic.

Director Jayanth C Paranji disappoints with his dull screenplay which runs ruthlessly flat in the first half and messed up in the second half. Direction is depressing.

Music by Mani Sharma is an asset to the movie. All the song sequences are nice.

Stunts are handled separately. The director (and the stunt master too) seem to have thought it good to speak the department with bullets rather than with physical hits. Profuse gunfire makes the department artificial often. In several scenes, the audience could easily recognize the wire-shots. This comes as a drawback.

Balakrishna (as Ranjith) with multiple fractures arrives to fight in the climax shot. Already on crutch, the baddies attack him once again. He picks up two stumps and ties them as support to his broken leg, treks the steep hill and flies into air to hit baddies. Instead of evoking sympathy for the hero, the scene turns ridiculous.

Balakrishna (as Giri) fighting on a hilltop looses grip and falls into a deep valley (not less than 1000 feet below). But he simply scales the steep hill to get united with his party at the climax.

Cinematography by Ajay Vincent is excellent.

The movie badly lacks the comedy department.

Plus Points

Balakrishna's acting; songs and Music.


 Bharat , an upcoming hero in the industry, has done a fine job. Though, he is a good dancer, he gets little footage in this department.

 Sandhya, a debutante girl, looks naturally beautiful and full of vigor and natural feel in histrionics.

Sukumar as hero's buddy is adequate.
Arun Kumar performed the role akin to a cowboy assisting his friend (Bharath).
Dandapani and Krishnamurthy did perform well.

Technical Details
The plus point of the movie is that it had become a much talked about movie in the industry, thanks to its blockbuster registration in Tamil Nadu. Taken in a narriative style, the film comes as a tragic love story to the audience, which is long pending one for the Telugu audience. Though this film is claimed to have projected scenes, which occurred in real life, it becomes too heavy to relish it on the screen.

Screenplay and Direction are praiseworthy. However, the tragic element should have been toned down for better results.

Music is above average, while its background is good.

Cinematography is excellent.

Dialogues for Telugu audience is average


   Bhageeratha   (Forty years ago), a thief is caught red-handed by the villagers, who lynch him, coupled with profuse beating by the police. The thief's son becomes orphan. The village head decides to adopt the orphan. His original son settles as a villager Bullebbai (Vijay Kumar) while the thief's son becomes an IAS officer Venkataratnam (Prakash Raj). The IAS settles in Hyderabad and forgets the long pending promise to the villagers – To construct a bridge across the rivulet.

Now it's the turn of Chandu, son of Bullebbai (Ravi Teja) to realize the dream of the villagers. He reaches Hyderabad and pressurizes his uncle (Prakash Raj), but in vain. The semi-villainous Venkataratnam thinks that it was due to the villagesr that his father (thief) was dead. Now Chandu executes his own plan of action. How he gets the bridge project to his village, apart from winning the heart of Swetha (Shriya), daughter of Venkataratnam – forms the climax.


Ravi Teja as usual did a neat job, which is akin to “Veede”. Here he fights for the sake of his village. (While in Veede, he fights to save his village from factory effluents.) He looks excellent in stunts, but there is very little punch in his dance numbers.

Shriya unlike other movies (with mere glam doll role), gets a meaningful role, that stimulates the hero to act swiftly to the cause of his village.

Prakash Raj looks routine, and impressive in parts.

Vijay Kumar did neat job.

Venu Madhav and Sunil did the comedy, but not sufficient.

All other characters performed well in their limits.

Technical Details
The story sound routine, and very much expected by the audience. As a result of this, interest is lost in the theatres. It's a mix of Veede (for a cause) and Bunny (a sort of dice between the hero and villain). You also have reflections of Dil, as you watch the movie.

Direction is average. Rasool Ellore, who created good expectations somehow disappoints. The screenplay goes awry in the second half. Coupled with this, the narration gets sluggish often.

Songs are mediocre. Music (by Chakri) disappoints.

Stunts by Kannal Kannan and Ram Laxman are good.

Comedy is weak.


Cast  Aditya Om, Meghna Naidu, Pooja Barati, Swetha, Ramireddy, Krishna Maya, Melkote and others
Cinematography  Jawahar
Music  Vinay
Producer KVV Satyanaranara
Story, Screenplay and Direction Satyanarayana KVV

Aidtya Om's role seems to be influenced by JD in “Madhyahnapu Hatya”. He displayed his emotions well but not much impressive.

Meghna Naidu did a nice job as a pop-star. To cut short, she came out with oomph better to lure a section of audiences who fall to expose factor. Coupled with the expose of Meghna Naidu, Pooja Bharati joined the league to make things worst.

Coming to the third lady character, Swetha Menon looked nice, though displaying much oddity and artificiality in her cop's role – utterly unconvincing.

Technical Details

The story has all the ingredients of an A certificate movie. It tries to project certain facades in a particular section of society. However, the director messed up the story with amateurish job, of course naturally.

Music is average. Coming to background score, it's good in parts.

Cinematography is average.


Cast  Allari Naresh, Sai Ram Shankar, Abishek, Swathi (of Colours fame), Shafi, Sherin, Hema, Kavitha, Apoorva, Ahuthi Prasad and others
Dialogues Uttej
Cinematography  Om Prasad 
Music  Joshua Sridhar
Producer Madhu Murali S
Concept, Screenplay & Direction Krishnavamsi
Now, the criminals and police are after the five. Separately first; jointly next. (Of course, on the lines of the scene in “James” – RGV's latest movie). What next? After series of chases, the end comes abruptly, but as expected.


True to a Krishnavamsi movie, all the characters (as they can't be categorized here as heroes or heroines) have done perfect justice to make a thriller. Allari Naresh, who is given to comedies, has performed well in this experimental genre of Krishnavamsi, while the second guy Sai Ram Shankar did his role with ease. Of course, his debut film 143 – I Love - has similar theme. Chase by Naxals and police! The third guy Abhisekh is adequate. Swathi (of Colors) fame has performed neatly. Another girl Sherin is passable. Brahmanandam's role brings mixed response. Satya did the role of a crooked cop, who joins hands with the villain. Other parental roles are Okay.

Technical Details

Story is absolutely a let down and badly mars the expectations of the audiences that they watched a Krishnavamsi movie. For a director like him, this sort of cat and mouse like chase looks ordinary . Screenplay is spoiled with long treatment of certain scenes in the first half itself as they really are not required. Direction too disappoints. Suspense and anxiety are missing.

However, you will appreciate the chase sequences . Cinematography is superb, of course with several jerks and shakes. Dialogues by Uttej are ordinary and routine with Hyderabadi dialect. This film would have done better had it released before “Anukokunda Oka Roju”, as certain scenes resemble much to depress the audience.

Krishnavamsi, who announced very early that there would not be any songs in the film, wasted much of the time in dragging certain scenes, incorporating chase sequences and a lone romantic streak of music. However, Sridhar Joshua's background score is commendable.

Poor handling of the comedy department is a minus point. If we only want to ignore this, we really can't as the storyline is not that much serious or hair-raising.

Moguds Pellams

Banner  Agile Movie Makers
Cast  G Sivaji Raja, Rathi, Kartik, Chandra Mohan, Harika, MSN, LBS, Ali, Satyam Rajesh, Jeeva, Raghu Babu, Duvvasi, Abhinayasri, Annapoorna, Jyothi, Sana and others
Dialogues Nageswara Rao B
Cinematography  PRK Raju
Music  S Raj Kiran
Producer Vemuri Ramakoteswara Rao
Story, Screenplay & Direction Ranganath

Sivaji Raja, the loved one of female audiences on the small screen, has come out with good performance. His portrayal on this big screen comes as a rubber pull from the small screen role in the serial titled the same as “Moguds Pellams”.

Rathi is cute and glamorous too. Kartik is okay, while other prominent role Harika did a neat job.

Technical Details

Ranganath, versatile actor turned director has taken for granted that the obsolete concept of unmarried people living together and later getting married would be once again taken by the Telugu audiences afresh. First of all, the story is a major drawback for a big screen. Direction too is absurd and makes the audience leave the theatre at their will. But, he succeeded in creating some romantic streaks between the hero and heroine in a good way.

Cinematography is distressing. Dialogues are pale. Music by Raj Kiran is mediocre.

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