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A Film by Aravind

Artists Performance

Rajiv Kanakala is excellent in the role of Arvind. His histrionics are natural. Rishi is competent for his character. Mona Chopra is OK. Ghazal Srinivas did a pivotal character in this film. His dialogue delivered added the necessary mystery to his character. Madhu did well as the role of housekeeper. Mallikharjuna Rao is adequate.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: The basic story plot of the film is interesting. But the point in climax is unappealing. Sekhar Suri definitely had the necessary spark in him as the director. The way he narrated the first half without much story shows his grip on screenplay. However, he could not sustain the interest in second half. The chase scenes, mystic killings in the first half are dealt with dexterity. However the following points were not convincing enough -

1. The misunderstandings creeping in between Aravind and Rishi (more so because they are close buddies from the childhood).
2. The connection between the story in the script and the mysterious lady killer is not established.
3. Though the appearance of the writer in the interval looked interesting, he played passive role in second half. If the scenes in the scripts are coming alive, then why can't he tell what would happen later so that they could avoid it being happened.
4. Heroine would be passive (in stead of explaining) even when people try to kill her during the climax.

Other departments: Cinematographer Ramesh Krishna has done a very good work. The chase sequences in the first half are terrific. He used natural night light for the entire second half. Music by Vijay Kurakula is good. He had a beautifully choreographed song in first half. Artwork of the film is also good. Production values of the film are appropriate. Debutant producer Sridhar Rao should be commended for choosing different genre of film in stead of going for routine formula film.

Analysis: First half of the film is interesting. The second half is bit boring. The plus points of the film are director's taking in the first half and photography. The minus point of the film is climax. This film runs for almost 2 and half hours. It is difficult to narrate a horror story for 2 and half hours. Director should have made the film for less duration. You may watch this film for it's first half.

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