Rendella Taruvatha

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Three youngsters who did the lead roles were adequate. Heroine Sriji has bit of similarity to that of present-day heroine Sangeeta. It's nice to see character actor Sarath Babu in Telugu films after a long gap. Melkote has got the lengthiest role of his career in this film. For the first time, he did the role of villain. He mixed his type of comedy that comes out of his peculiar accent very well.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: The basic storyline is about how three youngsters prove their innocence after being charged with a kidnap accusation. The leading scenes in which the youngsters get their first assignment are interesting. There is bit of freshness in the first half. However, the direction has gone completely out of track in second half. The screenplay in climax gets confusing. However, it is nice to see a protégé of R Narayana Murthy doing a film that is not of red (viplavam) type.

Other departments: Music of the film is good. Cinematography is adequate. Dialogues by Anant are OK. Editing by Mohan Rama Rao is average. Artwork of the film is commendable.

Analysis: First half of the film is OK. Second half of the film is boring. The climax of the film is very badly handled. The plus points of the film are fresh thoughts in the first half and the music. The minus point is the weak second half. There is no relation between the story of the film and the title 'Rendella Taruvatha'.