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Jagapati Babu's baritone voice booms inside the theatres as he fights for justice as the owner of a newspaper publication in Samanyudu. This is a movie that has a good narration, remarkable camera work and is backed up by direction that digs a little deep into the psyche of an evil man. The story attempts to grip the viewers sincerely. The background noise is minimum signifying subdued melodrama. The songs are peppy, especially the Endira Bavmaridi song.

Jagapati Babu leaves no room for complains with his acting. Samanyudu is inherently a good movie. Yet this movie will be just an average one as there is no super star factor attached to catapult it. The masses do not applaud at the end of each and every dialog. The dialogs do not lack punch, but the situations that prompt the dialogs do not move the masses thereby reducing the effect.

The bubble of Samanyudu burst in the main scene where the hero corners the villain and demands to return the public's property and the audience responds just by a few claps from here and there. It's a pity that the viewers would go berserk about dialogs to settle personal vendetta but be unmoved when it concerns a public cause.

When a movie is made with a star and not a super star the direction has to be impeccable to make it a hit. For example in Samanyudu the villain should have been introduced in a more sinister manner. The assassination of the hero's father and its impact on the hero should have been more dramatic as well as meaningful. Kamna Jethmalini, the heroine, is seen less than Archana who is doing a character role. It's easier said than done, but then the results are there for all to see.

Samanyudu is a story that emphasizes, "The pen is mightier than the sword". Ranganath runs a newspaper and exposes the corrupt practices of the home minister (Sai Kumar). Sai Kumar is assisted by Lingam (Vinod Kumar) and the some civil servants in his evil designs. Ranganath is killed for his honesty. It's up to his son (Jagapati Babu) now to settle score. Jagapati Babu tries to avenge his father's death with the help of Archana, Dasari Arun Kumar and Rajiv Kanakala. But somebody is ticking off the villain about Jagapati Babu's plans...

Though Samanyudu is not a cracker of a movie still you can expect some firework. Wishing you all a happy Diwali.

Director: Ravi Chawali
Producer: Venkat
Cast: Jagapati Babu, Kamna Jetmalani, Sai Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Arun Kumar, Rajiv Kanakala, Archana, MS Narayana, Ranganath, Sujitha, Duvvasi Mohan, Narra Venkateswara Rao, Ramireddy, Benerjee, Ahuti Prasad, Raghunath Reddy, Ashok Kumar, Mumaith Khan, Chintu, Sudardhan, Sarika Rama Chandra Rao, Jenny, Subhashini
Music: Vandemataram
Lyrics: Kaluva Krishna sai, Raju
Editing:KV Krishna Reddy
Screenplay:Ravi C Kumar
Story/Writer:Ravi C Kumar

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