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You should avoid watching this movie if suicides depress you.

As long as movies will have suicides, accidents and operation theatre scenes as turning points in the plots they will not be popular with the viewers. People mostly want to have a good time at the theatres. They will be glad to avoid such scenes. When you force it on them, they are bound to reject it. The lighter and more positive the movie, the better is the chance to fare well at the box office. Nuvvu Vastannante Nennu Vaddantana, Andala Ramudu and Bommarillu are perfect examples.

The only good thing that we can talk about the movie Nuvve is: Samragni. This gorgeous belle has got the looks and also is talented in acting. Though Nuvve is not based on her solely, still she manages to steal the show. Short dresses, beaches and the story make her job easier in doing this. She may not rule the industry exactly but she is definitely going to be around for some years. Good for all.

Nuvve has a unique story that shows the negative shades of a heroine. Anita (Samragni) is the daughter of the house owner in Hyderabad where Srinu's (Dhanush) friends are staying. Srinu joins his friends and bags a job within a week. His innocent nature is exploited by all including Anita. But soon she starts loving him. Anita's mother comes to know about their love and agrees to get them married. She is a shrewd and calculative lady who gives her consent for the marriage because Srinu is good and innocent, earns well, has no bad habits and as an orphan he is likely to stay with the in-laws.

Then Anita meets Rana (Ravi Varma), a rich businessman. Rana likes Anita's proficiency and her beauty. He proposes to her. Anita agrees to marry him like a typical greedy middle class girl. She ruthlessly buries Srinu's love under a pile of dreams about riches and status. Srinu boy commits suicide (sic). This opens the door to hell for Anita. The usher to hell is a car driver ? Shafi.

As mentioned earlier the plot has the staple-depressing factor like suicide as a major turning point. The movie is aimed at the youth. The young people of today as it is are saddled with their own set of problems and they want something that's easy on the mind. Fights are all right because it stands for the defiance of the hero but not suicide, it's the sign of weakness ? a fatal one at that.

Those who want to watch the movie should remember that life is precious. Suicide is never a solution for life's problems. If one Anita is gone another Sunita may take her place, but for that we need to stay alive.

The movie Nuvve has not much to offer. Our advice: Do not watch it.

Director: Gopichand
Producer: Lakshmi Reddy Edamkanti, Srinivas Reddy
Cast: Samragni, Ravi Varma, Shafi, Dhanush, Chitram Srinu, Satya, Hema, Venumadhav
Music: Asirwad
Cinematography:Chota K Naidu
Screenplay:Ramesh Gopi