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The first thing that strikes the viewer while watching Chakri is that the camera work is amateurish. While the movie makes a promising start, it is a big let down in the second half. The first half indicates that the director knows his job as the movie rises above the average mark for its sensible story and logical progression. It also gives out a good message, "every problem comes with a solution".

But the second half indicates the creativity bankruptcy of the director as the movie treads the same beaten path of suicide. Do not know why still our filmmakers stick to this morbid concept of suicide. It was a concept that had the desired effects in the 1970s and 80s. But it is still continued to be projected in the movies as if it is a hallowed social phenomenon. No wonder that Telugu film heroines are so prone to attempt or commit suicide.

The worst thing is showing suicide doesn't work. The youth of today do not identify themselves with the character when the movie takes such a depressing turn. Movies featuring monkeys, snakes, dogs and elephants worked in the 1970-90. It will hardly work if such films are made now. Agreed that it's a phenomenon that needs attention. Then it helps to make movies like Hope where the problem is dealt head on. There is no point in showing it in every other movie where the characters are shown committing suicide for flimsy reasons like failure in love.

How can a director claim to be creative when he cannot think of any other way but an accident, a suicide and an operation theatre to make an impact? Does anyone have the creativity and the talents to do a well-researched movie on the farmers' suicide that's happening with regular interval? The fact that not a single movie has been made so far, no director has the talent to show the factors underlying this gory concept. Can it be called art when it doesn't reflect life truly?

Coming back to Chakri, it fails on other grounds as well. The hero (Vadde Naveen) is the son of a pehelwan. He is very good at beating up rowdies. He goes to London. Everybody thinks that he has gone there to get a good job, but in truth he is there to rescue his lover Poonam from the clutches of her captor-cum-suitor. The reasons for Poonam becoming a captive are also very illogical. The villain character is very crudely cut.

Anyways, it's a hugely disappointing movie except for the good acting of Vadde Naveen.

Director: Jitendar
Producer: Acharan Reddy
Cast: Vadde Naveen, Punam Segar, Sunitha, Abhinayasri, Tanikella Bharani, Srinivasa Reddy, Rajesh, Bharat, Melkote, Juttu Radhakrishna
Music: Lalith Suresh

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