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Poramboku is another run-of-the-mill story. Karteek (Navdeep) is a village lad who dreams of becoming a movie actor. This being a highly unpredictable career his father (Dharmavarapu) is skeptic about his choice of career and has no hopes from Karteek. Chaitra (Ekta Khosla) is a girl on the run. She runs away from her home and lands in Karteek's village. An orphan and heir to a huge property, she is raised by her aunt. She loves and trusts her aunty very much and calls her mummy. But the shocking truth is: her aunty is plotting to corner her wealth by getting her married to his brother who is doing time in jail.

Kartik is unaware of Chaitra's background and arranges for her stay in the village guest house. People looking for Chaitra come searching to the village. Chaitra who by now has become close to Karteek and his friends, runs away without informing them. She doesn't want Karteek to be harmed. Karteek and his friends are surprised by the sudden disappearance of Chaitra. But Karteek moves on with life and goes to Hyderabad to pursue his dream. With a saving of Rs50,000 and some gold ornaments given by her sister he lands in the city to become hero in the movies. He does get a chance to become the hero of a movie. But there is a condition attached to it. What is the condition? Will it pevent Karteek from becoming a hero? Rest of Poramboku is all about that.

Navadeep's acting is good. His costumes need special mention. He wears clothes that are youthful and vibrant in color. Ekta Khosla has a sculpted figure and can act too. But what she cannot do is change the fate of the movie at the box office.

The comedy track is below average in the movie, the music is good though. The Kidney removal scene involving Venumadhav and Brahmnadam's 10+10+10 = 30 years doesn't really set the theatres bursting with laughter. The only saving grace is the scene where Ali is performs as an acting coach.

Poramboku finally leads to a choice between love and career. Hence, the director should have done well to bring the romantic angle to the movie to the fore. But then Poramboku doesn't want to make any tall claims. It seems to be happy with an 'average' tag.

Director: Srinivas
Producer: Krishna Reddy
Cast: Navadeep, Ekta Khosla, Suman Setty, MS Narayana, Raghu Babu, Vadivukkarasi, Kavitha, Neeraja, Dharmavarapu, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav
Music: Mani Sharma

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