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Notebook is the darkest and the most depressing movie of this year. Stay away from this movie.

Chandu the director of "10th Class" has come up with Notebook that features a small real life incident. The movie is not based on this incident as the director has claimed elsewhere. He includes the incident of a girl giving a love letter to her boyfriend on one side of the page and asks him to give his opinion on the other side of the page. This is an interesting incident. Let me repeat it's the only interesting thing in the movie Notebook. But the movie Notebook is far from interesting. Notebook is based on two suicides. Chandu has nothing to shock or titillate the youth in Notebook.

The story is the same old stuff that thousands of movies have been based on earlier. A rich girl loves a poor boy. The poor guy is not only poor but he is a servant of the girl's family. The poor boy doesn't respond to the love of the rich girl. He is afraid of the girl's father. The girl writes in a diary about her feelings for the boy. When her marriage is about to be fixed, she gives the diary to her lover. The boy now summons all courage and expresses his feelings too in the same diary. But then it's become too late. The girl commits suicide. Unable to bear the separation the boy also jumps into the funeral pyre. Depiction of cowardice in the name of love!

What a morbid story! No other story can be more repulsive than this in this age when people want to enjoy life. Not even the person with the lowest IQ would like such an idea.

The director reveals about the tragic ending of the love in the beginning of the movie, so there is no real suspense.

In this age and time such stories really do not go down well with the public. Suicide sends a wrong signal to the public, especially the young ones who are not matured enough to decide between right and wrong.

We have always strongly condemned movies that are based on life negating and suicidal scenes. Life is too precious to be taken away for love and other trivial reasons. There is no glory in suicide, whatever being the reason. Suicide is an act of cowardice.

Try to live happily. Celebrate life. Avoid such dark and pessimistic movies. Do not watch Notebook. Wait for the release of the next good movie.

Director: Chandu
Producer: Yelampalli
Cast: Rajiv,Gayatri
Music: Mickey J. Meyers

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