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Kotha Katha

Director R Venu probably deserves the best award for misleading people with an alluring title. The packaging of the movie is good, but the contents are just crap. But this is not to discount the shades of brilliance the director displays in some scenes. For example: the first job interview scene. The way the intro of the lead characters is done after the job interview, is pretty appreciable.

But then that's it. The director fails to carry even a shade of that brilliance to the next scenes. Each subsequent scene competes with the preceding scene in claiming the most boring scene title of the movie. Perhaps the scene where the director unravels a mystery to tell the audience that Nazer has a double role is the most boring one. But who cares, the movie is not worth watching anyways.

Here is a bit of the story.

Three young guys Vijay Sai, Vikram, and Mitra get selected to work in a bank and their job deals with filling ATM machines with cash. The guys previously unknown to each other decide to stay in the house of MS Narayana on rent. On the first day of their job they get to see something very unpleasant. A colleague is found responsible for one lakh cash missing. He is asked to deposit his property papers with the bank and is sacked too. Then the next day the three guys are sent on a job of filling the ATMs machine with cash.

Well, how three fresh recruits could be entrusted with the task of carrying a huge amount without the presence of any senior personnel is a question the director should be answering. Anyways they get robbed by gunmen who decamp with the money. The police suspect the three young men. The bank manager does the same thing: takes unwritten bond papers from the three. The whole thing seems like a set up. How the guys entangle themselves from the trap is the rest of the story. Sounds good? But doesn't look good on the screen at all.

Director: R. Venu
Producer: YSN Reddy,Janaki
Cast: Rambha, Vijaya Sai, Vikram, Sameeksha, Mitra, Nazer, Tanikela Bharini, and MS Narayana
Music: Ghantadi Krishna
Lyrics: V Yadagiri
Editing:B Paidi Reddy

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