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Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule

Like in most Venkatesh movies women will find Venkatesh's character very endearing. Ganesh is an unemployed young man of 30 years of age. Even though his friends end up getting jobs he fails to get one despite umpteen attempts. He wards off his blues by drinking. Unlike most movies where the hero has only the mother, here he is left with the father (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Kota is both a father and a mother to him. He cooks for him and pays him pocket money though disgustedly. But as a father his intention is only good. He wants his son to settle down well in life with a job and start a family.

Before finding a job Ganesh finds his love: Kirthi (Trisha). Ganesh falls in love with Kirthi at the first sight. Kirthi works in a software company. Inspired by the idea of being close to Kirthi, Ganesh decides to work in the same company and starts learning computers to achieve his goals. His father gets pleasantly surprised when he comes to know that his son has got a job in the software company. Ganesh is pleasantly surprised too because he gets to work in the team that is lead by Kirthi.

Then some scenes later Ganesh expresses his feelings of love to Kirthi during a trip to Australia. Kirthi doesn't reciprocate his love as she is already engaged and her marriage is just one month away. But Ganesh has a gut feeling that Kirthi loves him.

So what happens next? Well go and find that out yourself.

AMAV is a well directed movie. Many scenes like when Trisha vomits on Venkatesh after a drinking binge are shot realistically. The job selection scene attains perfection thanks to Trisha's professional acting who looks like a manager in a software company. Be it Venkatesh's love for Trisha or Colors Swathi's infatuation with Venkatesh, everything is shown in a very realistic and sometimes humorous manner. Sunil's presence is not used much and all the comedy centers on Venkatesh. And Venky is confidence personified in the comedy scenes.

The music is good. There is almost no violence (except one stabbing incident), but tons of entertainment in the movie. And it's a clean movie without any double entendres and shockingly vulgar scenes.

So have a good time at the theatres along with your family.

Director: Selva Raghavan
Producer: N V Prasad, Sanam Naga Ashok Kumar
Cast: Venkatesh, Trisha, Sreeram, Kota, K Viswanath, Colors Swathy, Sunil, Jeeva, Prasad Babu, Suman Setty, Anant, GV, Melkote, Rajeswari, Vinaya Prasad, Mumaith Khan, Meghanaa Naidu
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Screenplay:Ramesh Gopi
Story/Writer:Selva Raghavan
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