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What’s it about!
Billa (Prabhas) is an international don who operates from Malaysia. Billa has his own gang – Ranjith (Supreet), his moll Lisa (Namitha). On other hand, Maya (Anushka) joins his team with a mission to kill Billa as he finished off her brother (Subbaraju). Indian police try to nab him and his Kingpin with the help of Interpol Police (Raghu aka Rehman). ACP Krishnamurthy (Krishnam Raju) is deputed to crackdown Billa’s activities and he succeeds when he pins down Billa in a chase. After Billa’s death, Krishnamurthy tries to uncover the entire Billa network and replaces a Billa looka-like Ranga (Prabhas), a petty thief in Vizag, in his place. Ranga is able to do the job and provides all the info to Krishnamurthy but in a shootout, the police officer is killed by Devil, the original mafia don. The rest of the movie is how Ranga finishes the mission he left with.

This is remake of Billa - a Tamil film (which itself was remake of Hindi Don). Director Meher Ramesh presents the movie in a very stylish manner. He succeeds with the able help of cameraman Sounder Rajan in making it a very slick flick. Billa has chic look, cool visuals, rich production values, and stylish hero (Prabhas) and some good skin show by Anushka. The movie is an escapist action drama with technical glitz. But has little substance. Except for the climax, the movie is faithful remake of the original Billa / Don.

Major part of the movie is shot in Malaysia and car chases and action sequences in that country are good. In fact, choppers and fancy cars are heavily used in the movie and also some not-so exposed Malaysian locations bring a very sophisticated look. Prabhas has never looked such dashing with his well-tone body. First half is good and fast-paced but the second half lacks the fizz. Manisharma fails to make any impact through his music.

The movie mainly scores in department of cinematography, glamour quotient, and slick presentation.

Prabhas has done dual role for the first time in his career. In the character of flamboyant don, he looks so dashing and debonair. Suits, Ray ban glasses, and his gestures all are cool. In the role of Ranga, he does some comedy. Veteran Krishnam Raju does the role of a police officer and a younger actor should have portrayed the character. Anushka is sexy and her slim figure is enticing for men. Her bikini act has
short span in the movie. Namitha in her overgrown size lacks sex appeal. Her glam is off-putting. Hansika in an item song is disappointment. Neither her song is hummable nor her dance moments are sexy. Raghu aka Rehman as the Interpol officer is adequate.

Music by Manisharma is big letdown. Except for the Bommali Bomalli Ninnu Vadala song, none of the songs are worth watch or to listen. Dialogues are not effective. Technically it is so good. Cinematographer Sounder Rajan takes all the credit for presenting it chic. Director Meher Ramesh handles his job perfectly. He deserves credit for making it very rich in short time. He should have taken care on second half and more on music department.

Billa is all about style and gloss. First half is good but second half lacks any interesting moments and it drags on too. Stunning cinematography, rich production values, glamour, and action stunts are main highlight of the movie. Music is its weak aspect. On the whole, Billa is okay.

Cast: Prabhas, Krishnam Raju, Anushka, Namita, Raghu, Kelly Dorjee, Supreet, Subbaraju, Raghu (Rehman), Ali, Hansika (item song), Ali and others
Music: Manisharma
Cinematography: Soundarrajan
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Action: Stun Shiva
Art: A S Prakash
Presents: Krishnam Raju
Banner: Gopikrishna Movies Pvt Ltd
Produced by: D Narendra and Prabodh
Screenplay and directed by: Meher Ramesh
Release Date: April 3, 2009
CBFC Rating: U/A
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