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Ananda Thandavam

What’s it about!
The film is triangle love story between a simple boy, a spoiled brat and a Desi girl. The film opens with Raghu (newcomer Siddardh) trying to commit suicide by jumping into a waterfall. In a flashback, we are told that he has fallen for a spoiled brat Madhumitha(Tamannah) who also reciprocates. As they are about to be engaged, Madhu dumps him and leaves for greener pastures in America. A few months later, our hero goes to America to study and get settled there. In US, he meets again her and old romance is rekindled. On other hand, a Desi girl (Rukmini) alls falls for him. Now who will he settle for finally forms the climax.

Tamil director Gandhi Krishna is known for presenting films in slick manner (ex: Prema Chadarangam) but he fails miserably this time with Ananda Thandavam. Prior to the release, the movie with Tamannah in the lead role has generated expectations. With an old-fashioned storyline, and corny scenes, contrived characterizations, the movie looks like an 80’s film.

Director Gandhi Krishna’s hotchpotch of narration fails to entice the audiences. This Love story hardly has any moments that touch your heart. Apart from that, the acting by Tamannah is very irritating. She goes overboard in every expression throughout the movie.

Though first half starts with a promise, the second half is big bore. Length of the movie is another minus point. On the whole, the movie fails in every department.

Tamannah as spoilt brat acts overtly. In most scenes, she behaves as if she is lunatic than a hyperactive girl. Newcomer Siddardh has limited expressions. Debutant Rukhmini has glamour but she needs to improve in acting skills. Music by GV Prakash has nothing new. Cinematography is also just okay. Direction and screenplay by Gandhi Krishna lacks sophistication.

Ananda Thandavam is an old-fashioned love story. Irritating acting, outdated storyline and weak climax make the audiences look for immediate exit.

Cast: Tamannah, Siddardh (newcomer), Rukmini, Rish, Kitty, and others
Story: Sujatha
Dialogues: Shashank Vennalkanti
Music: G V Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Vanamali, Bhuvana Chandra, Suddala Ashok Teja
Art: Tota Tharani
Cinematography: Jeeva Shankar
Action: V T Vijayan
Produced by: D Suresh
Banner: Aascar Film (P) Ltd
Presented by: V Ravichandran
Screenplay and directed by: A.R. Gandhikrishna
Release Date: April 10, 2009


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