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Sneha Ullal Got 'Horns'?

She is known as the Aishwarya Rai of the southern circuit and though she scored a major hit with her debut, things seem to be dwindling a bit for her now. She is none other than Sneha Ullal and there are those who say that she might just have to tweak her attitude a little.

Apparently, Sneha had reportedly walked out from ‘Raju Maharaju’ and her latest release ‘Current’ did not work well at the box office. It is also said that there are no big films in hand but then the pretty starlet is not compromising on her remuneration during recession period.

The industry pundits say that Sneha is very talented, hot and sexy but then if she has to shape her career, then she might look at shaping her approach towards movies and movie makers first. Given her potential and appeal among the audience, she can surely be among the top league heroines.

Hot Young Heroines' Envy For 'Lovely Babe'

She is known as the saucy seductress of the Telugu cinema and slowly but steadily she is making her presence felt in Kollywood as well. She is none other than Kajal Agarwal and right now, she is all geared up to arrive with the most talked about movie ‘Magadheera’.

Meanwhile, it is being said that many young heroines are said to be getting jealous of Kajal especially after looking at the ‘Magadheera’ posters. The pretty starlet looks royal and seductive in her regal outfits and with her bright and glowing eyes, Kajal is looking no less than a princess.

It is said that Kajal’s colleagues are going green with envy and are said to be wondering what they have to do to get such a precious role. Also, the compliments that Kajal has been getting for her looks are another factor raking in the jealousy among other beauties.

Thunder Thigh Show Of Malabar Beauty

Neha Dhupia, the hot Bollywood beauty hails from Kerala. She has made her presence felt in film industry with her voluptuous body and hot exposure in films like Julie. She literally acted semi nude in that movie. This is her latest still sporting her thunder thighs. And she also appears to be focusing more on her sex appeal and young looks year by year.

Hero's Daughter Proves 'Hotter'

He is known as the ‘Lokanayakudu’ of the silver screen. He is none other than Kamal Haasan and right now he is experiencing a different emotion altogether, that of a father. Well, his talented and beautiful daughter Shruti Haasan has finally made her debut into movies.

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Voluptuous Beauty's 'Underwear String' Show

She is known as the hot and voluptuous beauty of the southern circuit and she has her a very strong following among the masses. She is none other than Namitha and right now she has been bowling the onlookers with her new shape and figure.

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