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Bengali Baby Behind 'Happy Days' Hero?

The blockbuster movie ‘Happy Days’ has not only created a trend in the genre of movies but it also made the life of many of the leading actors in that. However, there are those who have the right kind of talent but are yet to make the right kind of impact at the box office.

One among them is the vibrant hero Nikhil Siddarth who has turned a solo hero but success has been eluding him. But now, he is all set to arrive with his new movie ‘Kalavar King’ and many say that a key role for the film’s success would be played by the heroine Shweta Basu Prasad.

Apparently, this Bengali babe has got a fairly decent success rate at the box office so it could be that her stars would work in favor of the film. The makers have announced that it would be hitting the screens this month so let us hope if the combo of these two will click or not, all the best Nikhil and Shweta!!
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