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Mahesh Babu’s Retirement?

Speaking about superstars and who could be the possible contender for the throne of Tollywood, the name of prince Mahesh Babu has often been heard in the list of hot favorites. However, all that looks to be fading now as some say that he might be dropping the towel soon.

Apparently, Mahesh is nearing his mid thirties already and yet he is seen with one film in 2-3 years. He is touching 40 in another 5 years. Sources say that he is not very keen on movies and doesn’t have to work so hard since there are enough properties and wealth for him that he just has to sit at home and take care of them.

Though Mahesh has got a solid track record at the box office, it is his laid back nature towards doing movies that has reduced his following. It is also said that it wont be a surprise to see Mahesh announcing his retirement soon if he continues in this way. Let us wait and see if prince will prove his critics wrong or not.
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