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Venkatesh's Victorious 25 Years!

Tollywood Hero, heart throb of millions of telugu girls and women, only hero who carries Victory as his title Venkatesh Daggubati has successfully completed 25 years in Tollywood. Venkatesh debuted through Kaliyuga Pandavulu in the year 1986.  The movie was not only a hit but also got him his first Nandi award, which is a rare accomplishment for an actor who has just completed his debut film. Venkatesh has been able to get kudos both from the classes and masses.  He also has a natural streak of comedy in him, which revels his admirers ranging from puny little kids to adoring adolescents and appreciating adults.

It’s his commitment towards his work and uncompromising audacity in venturing into the risky and the slippery plots that catapulted him to the abode he now occupies among the all time greats. He is well known for his down to earth nature and probably the only actor who is not involved in any conflicts. From the regular masala movies to meaningful roles in other commercials, Venky has come a long way. Today he is one actor who is in the top bracket in Telugu cinema, to  defy the viscid word called 'image'. Take his films, Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu, Pavithra Bandham apart from of course the award winning films Dharma Chakram, Ganesh, they are without the gimmicks or fiery fights. We don't see the angry young man as he was known earlier,  but as a man next door.

He established himself as Minimum guarantee Hero to Buyers, Exhibitors and Distributors since his debut. He is now making the sequel to Chandramukhi. Super Hit team wishes him all the success in his future endeavours.
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