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Gopichand gifts a dress to Deeksha Seth

Actor Gopichand, who is well known for his action hero stature in tollywood is in Italy, busy romancing with actress Deeksha Seth, for his WANTED. The actor and actress are on a fortnight schedule and are accompanied by director BVS Ravi, along with few crew members.

The actor and actress have come for few sequenced filming, which will be filmed in a few days time from now. It is reported that, Gopichand is impressed by the professional behavior of actress Deeksha Seth. The actor is also impressed by her dedication towards her work.

For this reason, Gopichand gifted a dress to actress Deeksha Seth, while the crew was on a shopping spree in Italy. It is reported that, on Friday night, few crew members, including actor Gopichand visited a store and from there they purchased a western outfit for Deeksha, which has the tags of Italian culture.

When Gopichand gifted the dress to Deeksha Seth, the actress was elated and thanked the actor and the crew members, for their sweet gesture.
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